Melissa Montgomery

Melissa Montgomery is a Pop-Country / Singer / Songwriter / Actor / Author / Dancer / Painter / Inspirational Speaker who grew up in a small town outside of Oklahoma City called Choctaw. She began singing at the age of nine and by the age of fifteen with influences from her dad’s love of country and classic rock, she was already writing, recording, and performing around Oklahoma and many other areas. She has won numerous awards such as the Horizon Award at the Oklahoma Opry where she recorded her first song ‘Someday’, the Colgate Country Show Down state winner, and was voted the OCMA (Oklahoma Country Music Association) female vocalist and entertainer of the year. She has opened up for headlining acts including Steve Holy and Clay Davidson. Shortly after, she began recording radio and television commercial jingles with such companies as Chevrolet, Bank First, and Channel 43 in Oklahoma City all written by Ryan Bellgardt, who in return produced several of her first originals.
She then began experimenting with sounds and anything inspirational that led her to Nashville where she lived for 11 years. She was contacted by her publisher Mark Meckel who introduced her to his son Mr. Nathan Meckel who she worked alongside and formed the band Upside of Envy. They won a contest with Sonic and received a trophy, and had a few write-ups in the paper about their performances. She then branched off to pursue a solo career.

Melissa has had meet and greets with Mr. Morgan Freeman through fellow musician friends as he shook her hand and called her “Ms. Nashville.”
She also met big-time producers, Paul Worley and Lenny Bertoldo who she was persistent to work with them because she was fascinated by their work ethic and inspired by the list of artist they had worked with. Paul Worley also labeled her a “Walking Song”. Lenny Bertoldo started her out with EDM covers to sing with a company called ‘Dynamix’…you can find those under Reverbnation (Sweet Melissa). That is where she then met the “Magic Man” Mr. Allen Forrest through her friend Amy Venezia. He signed her to Mrepublik and she merged and started her business Melville Media.
Melissa has become one of the most prolific songwriters of her generation, writing over one hundred singles and producing and directing four music videos on YouTube and other social media outlets. Naomi Judd described her performance after her appearance on CBS’s Star Search in 2004, where she first began on television . . . as having significant commercial appeal! She won the first round in that competition against Nina Storey then was defeated by Vickie Natale. She has been featured nationally 7 times on iheart radio and continues to write songs that best describe her feelings about love and life and has written with Nashville and LA’s finest writers.
Her location is in Los Angeles, CA, ETA, Melville Media & Mrepublik, etc.,/Mgr Contact for booking info: David Klinkenberg – , Allen Forrest for Distribution: .

Melville Media is published with @iheartradio music, @iTunes@Spotify,
@Pandora, etc.
She also has a book series called “How Victor Found His Voice” featuring Brett Manning located She also produced videos with @mootv‘s Scott Scovill and many more. Jay Joyce (Producer) also labeled her as a “fierce talent”. She also works with virtual assistant Melissa Morgan…you can find her at and her web designer Jordan Bowen (Virtual Serenity). She also works with famous photographers such as Kenneth Reinhardt and Sarah Barlow, etc.
Melissa enjoys producing, acting, cooking, painting, learning, eating food with her friends, working out, talking about health, and hanging out with her dog Link, etc.
You can follow her on Facebook @ Melmofollowers, Instagram: @Melissammonty, and Twitter: @melissamonty, or you can add her on Linkedin as Melissa Montgomery or you can visit .
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Melissa Montgomery